Friday, July 17, 2009

Hello Blogger!

Hello! I am beginning to Blog, so be patient with me as I go on this route of discovery!

Mid July and my tropical hibiscus is blooming despite the cool weather we have had most of this month. Isn't it lovely? It's what I'll think about in the winter!

I have so many ideas for you and for PaperPumpkin.etsy! Stay tuned for the fun!

Thanks! ~Kathy


Tattered Rebel said...

Hello Kathy! I owe you the biggest thank you in the world for picking me for Etsy treasury! I am still in shock! YIPPEE!! I am new too to this bloggin world.. and funny thing is, I have a hibiscus up too!

Thank you again!

Tattered Rebel said...

I love PINK... I actually am going to see her in October! I swear she writes about my life!
Go be a ROCKSTAR! Maybe I will do a "PINK" page today!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Welcome to blog-land!