Monday, July 20, 2009

A second peek at my PaperPumpkin "Playroom"...please come in!

Now that I am on summer vacation, I am able to spend my favorite part of the day {morning}
in my PaperPumpkin Room. Sometimes I am feverishly cutting and arranging-- and scrunching up my face. Sometimes I am just gazing in awe at the beautiful piles of papers, and tools...
I love the nooks & crannies for tiny tidbits and the teacups for buttons. My papercutter always seems to have the most immediate jobs-to-do stacked on top of it. My next shelf up has to have my smaller packs of papers and card stocks that are 6"x6" or 8"x8"...and then my easy-to-reach journals that are filling up with ideas and memories, project details, and favorite clippings, book notes, and photos.
Oooh, the NEXT shelf up has more journals (I told you I was obsessed) and pretties...and a messy basket of receipts.
On the very top: favorite inspirational books (yes, the Twilight series is here, too) and even some snow globes at the tippy top.
Did I mention that I LOVE my room?? I hope you have a happy room or desk, too.

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Anonymous said...

Kathy, your room looks like so much fun to play in!! And your wall color is my second choice... Buttercream yellow is my first. :)
Too fun!