Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Treasures from Grandma's Toy Shelves

I used to go to my Grandma and grandpa's house a lot when I was a little girl. Most of the time, I would play down in their basement because I thought it was the best, coolest place EVER. Grandma had another kitchen downstairs! It had the old fashioned stove and a deep porcelain double sink that was fun to play with. In the scary corner was a hanging rack, for loads of linen towels and for drying grandpa's "drawers".

Grandpa had a workshop down in the basement, too. I remember the huge red metal tool chest, the enormous wood shelving with unknown heavy tools on them, all of the 'crystal' doorknobs, and the creaky floor.

There was also a pantry down in that wonderful basement, where I loved to explore and play store. Grandma had the best canned goods and cookies on those contact paper-lined shelves (white with red cherries, I believe).

There was also a very, very long table for all of our family get-togethers. A red and white checked tablecloth was on the table, except for when Grandma did her craft work...which was a lot of the time, actually. Grandma made everything a handy person could ever think of making. She quilted, sewed my dresses, did embroidery and needlepoint (she taught me for my 10th birthday), made silver and turquoise jewelry, knitted and crocheted, did clay pottery bowls from leaves before it was popular, made wooden bowls, crafted jewelry boxes,...and the list goes on and on. She would have loved etsy, were she alive today.

Anyway, I used to play down in her basement whenever my parents drove to her house. Grandma and grandpa had the same toy box and toy shelves with the same toys on them for years and years and years...but back then one didn't get bored so quickly. I cherished these old wooden toys and blocks and tiles...and these tiny little books:

I would read them over and over, every single time I went to their house. I have them now, and I pull them out every now and then. I treasure them. I love the pictures and remember each one, but still get surprised...and never bored with them.

Maybe someday I'll even let you read them...!

Do you have treasures from your childhood? Wanna share?

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