Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lavender Love

I have always loved the soothing and lovely scent of lavender. I grow it in my garden each year. And even though I didn't have a green thumb at all this season, my trusty lavender plants came back to make me smile. I breathe in their amazing smell whenever I walk outside.

I am amazed when I drive, that there seems to be a spa or even two or three spas on every block. I create my own private spa with DancingMooney's soaps, and now with her incredible new sugar scrub cubes! How cool are these? I love them.

And, if you love the scent of lavender, you must try Refabulous' eco-friendly lavender dryer sachets! I've ordered them twice already because I L-O-V-E them so much! They scent my laundry ever-so-softly with my favorite smell...fresh, light, lovely....natural!

And they last a very, very long forever...but you can also refresh them with her lavender essential oil too!

And...since I am on the subject of lavender, I made a gift set with lavender-violet colors using my beloved Matryoshkas that you know I adore!

Hope you have a restful, peaceful happy day today. Breathe in your favorite smells of wonderful and don't forget to stop and smell the roses too. ~Kathy


Anonymous said...

Those cards are darling! And I LOVE the idea of Lavender sachets for the dryer, I'd never even thought of that!

I have a baby lavender plant in my yard this year, but it never grew any buds... perhaps next year... love that smell.

Thank you so much for featuring me!!


lori vliegen said...

hi kathy!! i love lavender too, and i'll bet your garden smells heavenly with all of your lavender plants! if my thumb was greener, i would definitely have it growing all over my house!!

thanks so much for featuring my journal in your are such a sweetie-pie!! your blog is lovely! :)