Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer, Don't Go!

Why does summertime have to go so quickly up here in the northeast? Sure autumn can be great, but nothing can beat that short and sweet season of summer, the season of freedom.

I look extra closely now for sweet summer things to burn into my mind, to save during the long winter, so I can revisit the warmth when I need it most in the cold darkness of February.

Summertime art is abundant in Danita's etsy shop! I love her artwork with bright colors and an awe inspiring style, so I just had to purchase these:

But I still covet these:

Enjoy each moment. Do one summery thing each day. Go barefoot. Find fireflies.

Open the wondows. Sip coffee outside. Listen to children play on the tire swing.

Take a walk. Drip ice cream. Watch a hummingbird.

Breathe it in and save it.

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Anonymous said...

Danita does beautiful work, great feature!

Happy Friday!