Saturday, June 4, 2011

Moving On...Moving Ahead

If this journal page looks like it doesn't go together, let me briefly explain where it came from. The past few weeks and especially the past three days have been dream-like nightmare-like as, after almost a 2-year engagement with the wedding in about 2 months, the reception has had to be canceled because of this venue's very poor customer relations. I have flowed between problem-solving and disbelief. Doesn't this just happen in the movies?

But, my lovely daughter and I are a good team of creative problem-solvers, and Plan B is already in effect! The good news is the old setting has been canceled (as of last night), and the wedding day wonderfulness will be on a gorgeous farm and vineyard 2 days later than originally scheduled.

Do we send UnSave-the-Date cards?!!!

So, Compassion is easy when someone is easy to show love toward, but compassion is a challenge when people are cold and selfish and, yes, mean. But my daughter and I are showing compassion in the face of miserableness with this gorgeous wedding venue turned bad.  "Everything happens for a reason". "It will all work out". "Be nice back, even if the owner is not". "Let it go".

Our new wedding setting is so wonderful and happy and twinkle light filled, that we are happier than ever.


Rebecca Anthony said...

Oh Kathy, I can imagine the nightmare and stress of all that. I can tell you though I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and that it will be better than ever!! As far as sending unsave-the-date cards I don't know?

taylor said...

I am glad things worked out. It sounds like a beautiful new setting. Hang in there. It could be cute if your students made some kind of wedding favor thing. I wonder if that is allowed? I can not believe you have school until June 25. Is it because of snow days. That would be a double hang in there. Wishing you a smooth June.

Lancerika said...

Wow! amazing all the news in your world,Kathy!
many god wishes for June (it will go fast) and
the new wedding setting sounds magical!
Happy,beautiful w'end to you!
( Sparkly fireflies are flickering away late evenings)

Createology said...

How very wise of you to have a plan B that you could switch to at this stage of the event. Not too worry as all will be truly special for this once-in-a-lifetime wedding. Save enough energy to be able to sit back and savor the entire day and all the magic it holds. Restful Sunday to you my dear...

Lesley said...

Oh my goodness I am so pleased you had a plan B and it sound absolutely perfect. It will be perfect and romantic and a delight.

Juls said...

what a shame! planning a wedding is stressful enough without all that hassle, I do hope it all gets sorted for you and everything all works out!

I love your pages, great colours, I Love that dress image, I have that, infact I have it, so thank you for the inspiration

Hugs Juls

thekathrynwheel said...

Oh my goodness, you are doing well to take all this in your stride like this. Hope your new venue is better than ever!

Cat said...

Kathy, That sounds very stressful, but it also sounds like it will be an ideal wedding in a beautiful setting. I'm sure in years to come the bride and groom will look back with a smile and be so happy that all turned as it did! You are awesome.