Sunday, July 17, 2011

2 years and a big thank-you to You!

Big smile as I discover that today is my 2-year Blog Anniversary!
Thank you so much for the enrichment and encouragement in so many ways, on so many levels.
Thank you for visiting and for reading and for commenting. It's a fact that you do make my day.

Me blogging is a feat in itself because not only am I very shy, but I never thought I could use a computer to accomplish much!  I am  learning!

And, I celebrate a little over 2 years of visiting and loving and being inspired by all of you creative stars in my life!  Yeah!

Thank you followers! Thank you, friends! ♥Love and my favorite hydrangeas for you to enjoy on this beautiful Sunday:

 May you have peace and sunshine,
and a few moments to do whatever it is that you enjoy most.

...and isn't it a miraculous thing of beauty that all of these stages and colors are on ONE bush? Aah!


Lesley said...

It is always with joy that i visit your lovely blog, Kathy. It is a very peaceful and serene place in this manic place which is blogland. Congratulations on two years of sharing.

JessiVille said...

Hi Kathy! Happy blogiversary! I've only just found you thru S of C and I enjoy you so much. I've been blogging for 9 mos. now and I love all the beautiful blogs and community here on the web. Thank you for sharing yourself with us!
Hugs, Jessi xox

Jennifer Richardson said...

we're all the richer
for the beauty that you create
and share
(and are!)
...big thanks for building
a place where your hydrangeas
(and the rest of this gorgeous planet)
shine a little brighter.
big sunny love,

Martha Lever said...

Beautiful Hydrangeas! Congratulations on your two year blogiversary!! I always enjoy visiting your happy and inspiring blog.

taylor said...

Two years of blogging. That is terrific. I love hydrangeas too. Glad the wedding went so well. Hope you are enjoying the summer and getting some rest.

Ophelia said...

Two years is awesome!!! Congrats to you my dear!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you do have a blog. I always appreciate your posts. I very much understand the shy thing. Outside of work, I have a difficult time. I have a hard time with the blog in fact. I often think of what do I have to say that would interest anyone. Congratulations on 2 years!!

beth said...

congratulations....and you really are loved !!

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Happy Anniversary Kathy! Your hydrangeas are beautiful, as is your blog! ;)