Thursday, July 21, 2011

A New Journal Page

The only thing good about feeling really down and out,
is that it can only get better.
After having a rough few weeks
in the beginning of summer,
I have been on the up & up lately,
and appreciating it.

So, as I feel better, move more,
and see what's ahead
in the next 4 weeks,
I SEE lots of good.
Really good!

♥Wishing you that, too.
Thank you for visiting!


Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Such a beautiful page. It is so true - the only way to go is up. I am so glad you are feeling better & may your coming weeks be full of more good things. :)

Margaret said...

I hope you're feeling better soon, I love the colours in your page!! you've used such a wonderful combination of text and collage elements, fab! Mx

Juls said...

this is fabulous!! Love the colour, and the eye!! Hugs Juls

Netty said...

Terrific journal page and so pleased you are feeling positive again.....woo hoo, Annette x

Marilyn said...

A lovely positive post, take care and enjoy the rest of your summer.

Thanks for stopping by on my blog.

Lesley said...

Kathy it is a joy to read that you are feeling more positive and joyful. 24days!! Not long now...

Createology said...

Hi Kath: Glad to hear you are feeling better as the days progress. As for sisters...I have plenty and would be happy to share with you. My girlfriend is an only child of only children so I share one of my sisters with her. We three have lots of fun together several times each year. Love your journal pages as they speak from your heart and soul. Sunshine Summer Smiles to you dear...

laundrygirl said...

happy friday!

DancingMooney ♥ said...

So glad you are seeing and feeling good Kathy! Yay! Wishing you many more days of sunshine and joy, before that school year sneaks up and starts again!


beth said...

love the attitude....i'll try to let it rub off on me !!

Nicola said...

Lovely positive piece!!! And soothing colour choice! Hope you continue to feel on the up!! :0) Take care!!!

Sesenarts said...

Blue is the colour of healing and it dominates your journal page. VERY GOOD! I love how you layer your pages. Julie

Steph said...

I simply adore the collage on this page Kath...hope you're enjoying your IPad and artrage....I am...bought myself a stylus pen today and have been playing since...happy weekend!!

Lancerika said...

Love your BLueS!
and all the beautiful
moments you are sharing
with us!
Enjoy these magical days
and keep on smiling:)
your firefly friend
Erika xoxoxo

JessiVille said...

Hi Kathy, I love that you are sharing your positive pages with us. It is helping me to stay positive too! This is another great page! I can't wait to play in my journal too.
Hugs, Jessi xox <3