Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm Back...and Here's Where I've Been...

Here's one view of my 2nd grade classroom, all ready for last night's Open House.

Many of our teachers have adopted the "Daily 5" Method of fostering independence in literacy while having (teacher) guided reading with small groups of students.
Students receive direct instruction and coaching,
as well as practice time,
in HOW TO read with comprehension,
write, & listen.

Lots of reading and writing practice the C.A.F.E. !

Then, of course, there's Social Studies. 
 Communities is a big unit of study in grade two.



What better way to illustrate what you've learned
than to design, plan, and draw together, as a community of learners?
So, anyway, I am sorry I haven't been around all week,
but I have thought of you and tried to pop in on your wonderful blogs,
if only for a moment.
You are my inspiration, afterall! And I miss you!

I'll show you the art teacher's amazing hallway really soon~
I promise you'll love it!
Love, ~kath


Martha Lever said...

AWW...just look at 'em having fun learning. I am waiting to hear that you have won "Teacher of the Year!"

Mary said...

i always wanted to be a teacher...till i realized how much work it really is!!!

may this be your best year yet!


Anonymous said...

I think it's inspiring to have an artful teacher! your students look engaged! and that's a good thing!

Pop by sometime and have a peek at my journal pages.

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

lori vliegen said...

your students look SO blasted cute!! what a great group of eager learners! i love your classroom, kathy......everything looks so YOU!! enjoy a restful weekend, you've earned it! xoxo

Linda R. said...

Well I have to say that I would love to have you as a teacher. They do look like they are having fun.. Hope you are having a happy weekend..

Hugs, Linda

Cat said...

Lucky kids!!!! What fun to have you as a teacher!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the peek into your classroom. look forward to seeing more. hugs, k.

Steph said...

these kids will definitely enjoy learning with you....I cna imagine all that creativity going on in the teaching methods.....have a good week, Kath!!

Kristin said...

I agree! Those kids are so lucky to have you! Your classroom looks bright and fun and I love seeing your 2nd graders engaged in making their various communities - I bet it looks great having all their finished projects up together ;)
Thank you too for your sweet comment about my cat - it really means a lot, xoxo

Lancerika said...

Cool looking classroom!
Best wishes for your 2nd
graders and their AwEsOme

Lesley said...

Oh wow lots of lovely things going on in your classroom Kathy :) Lucky students to have you as their teacher :)

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Your room always looks so cute every year... can't wait to see the hallway! ♥

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

I SO love seeing pictures of classrooms! Besides being classroom was always my "happy place." :) (Well, wait...there were days I wanted to run as fast as I could...away! lol) I hope you have a fabulous time with your new bunch of second graders!