Saturday, June 16, 2012

Farmer's Market

Even though it's Saturday, I got up and out
(right after my coffee)
this morning
to go to the Farmer's Market
for the first time this season!

Hurrah for summer officially beginning this week!

My daughter, Mia, is happy, she was just squinting!


How cute are alpacas?

What a joy to see flowers again...

We bought strawberries, butterfly flowers,
breakfast (!), and
local fresh meat.

Next week marks my last week of teaching
before summer vacation.
And the countdown begins...

Have a happy weekend, friends!
Thank you so very much for visiting!


Createology said...

Fabulous Farmer's Market and a great way to begin the weekend. Happy Father's Day tomorrow celebrating. One more week is very doable and then vacation...Hugs.

Jennifer Richardson said...

happy farmer's marketing
...a whole bountiful summerfull!
one of my favorite things
about summertime
is all the goodness
farmers bring to market.
they're my heros:)
grace to you this week,

Jenny said...

Oooh I LOVE visiting the Farmer's Markets too Kathy... and yes the Alpaca's are just adorable... sounds like a wonderful morning with your beautiful daughter...

Jenny x

laundrygirl said...

Nothing like a good time at a farmer's market! Such goodness!

Cat said...

The alpacas are sooo cute! Love the hair do on the blond one!

Looks like an enjoyable day for you and Mia.

Yay on the final week - then Summertime off!!!

Zena said...

Alpacas are too cute. Lovely photos and beautiful daughter

missy k said...

That looks like a wonderful place... your daughter and the flowers are beautiful :)

Very cute alpacas!