Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Walking in a Slightly Different Way Today

Work is not easy; that's why it's called Work.

Today, however, was different
than all of the other days.

And after many months
of dealing with
a narrow-minded person,
yes, today,
that person apologized.

"I accept your apology."

It feels good.
It feels right.

Turns out we both did something
different today.
I took a step forward to break my silence;
she took a step back and said she was sorry.

It's a good crack in the pavement.
I'm ready to march on
and cross the finish line in nine days.



Createology said...

One step at a time and the entire world would be such a better place. How great it must feel to have that angst in the past. On to the finish line...

Jenny said...

Beautiful Kathy... and good on you... for taking the step... for speaking your truth... action taken... with a positive outcome... keep marching... love your journal page...

Jenny x

Valerie said...

I want to click "like" on this post. Once again you have given me a timely message. Thank you!

Sharon said...

So glad things are better. Good for you. Bless you in your job!

Cat said...

Yay. Good changes. Good day. I'm sure for both you and the other person.
Smiles, Cat

jgr said...

Congratulations! Work angst can be SO draining-I'm glad things are better for you.

Lynn Fisher said...

A problem at work takes so much energy...becuase you can't escape it...I understand.
9 days...hmmm? What will happen I wonder?

curious girl (lisa) said...

yes! this is awesome. your art journals inspire me to spin words and image together as process.

love, me

Jennifer Richardson said...

big happy hooray for you!
so much grace:)

Zena said...

Wonderful page. It´s good when something like that happens...