Thursday, June 21, 2012

oh, it's just me...

...sayin' hi.

I've been missing you.
It is June and I have been running on empty.

It's almost done, just tomorrow (Friday) to go.
The children are gone for the summer
and it's just me...
...and a thousand piles of paperwork.

And miles to go before I sleep, but...

...when I walk out of the building tomorrow evening,
I will have completed a year
that was hard.

I seriously LOVE this photograph,
not only because it's beautiful,
but because it perfectly portrays how I am feeling
at this moment.
It is summery hot and sunny out and
I can feel peace knocking...
but I am fatigued.

Forgive me for posting before this is written and completed
but I am finding it to be a perfect resting spot

and I didn't think you'd mind.
You are so nice to me, afterall!

Love, ~k


Createology said...

Oh more day and your free to enjoy every day just the way you want to. Paperwork be done and on to vacation. I will be thinking of you dear...

laundrygirl said...

Tomorrow you will be able to sigh with great relief and say, "I made it."
For now - breathe - just breathe.

Lynn Fisher said...

This page is a perfect for a summer that is all yours...tired, but waiting for your words.
Kathy, I have several friends who are teachers and know how exausting the school season can be. In fact, when fall rolls around I lose all my friends again...they're so busy : )
Consider this the beginning...your beginning.

Mary said...

Ah, it's beautiful in it's incompleteness.

Rest is just around the bend...may this be a wonderful summer for you dear sweet Kathy!

Much love to you!

Introverted Art said...

Kathy, do I know how you feel... this week I have been feeling I have ran a marathon and am just a few feet from dropping on the ground, completely depleted of energy... And it is ok that it is not finished. This is your space where no judgement comes, only acceptance for the wonderful women you are.

Anonymous said...

what are your plans for the summer? i may have a trip to your part of the world (the west coast though) planned for late summer. not sure yet, but fingers crossed. hope you are well my friend.

DancingMooney ♥ said...

It shows peace. ♥

Happy Friday Kathy!!

Cheers to the beginning of another wonderful summer. xo.

Linda R said...

I can see why you like that photo. It looks so peaceful. A whole summer ahead of you. Enjoy it my friend.
I know I will be looking forward to seeing your creations.


Jennifer Richardson said...

congrats to you
for a job well done,
your students have been seriously
be good to yourself
this summer;
may it stretch out slow
and long:)

Jenny said...

Oh Kathy... I hear the fatigue in your words... hope now that you have been able to find some quiet and rest... I love the image also...

rest up and take care...
Jenny x