Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Learning Watercolors...

I think better in pencil's darks and lights,
so I started with a sketch.

Then I set everything outside on the back deck
as the sun went down and it got cooler out.

This is my new Koi Watercolor set. I hadn't used it yet!

I began with one pink color, varying its strength...

I learned that I really disliked my paintbrush.
Honestly, I'm not even sure what to get...
If you have favorites and tips for me, please tell me!

I added green...

Here's my Tropical inspiration, on the deck:

I know I am not finished with it.
I need more depth, more contrast...
Not sure if I will paint anymore on it,
but maybe I'll use colored pencils or ink...

The best part was just doing it!
I have been waiting for my summer vacation
so I could focus on learning watercolors a bit.
Not easy,
much to practice and learn
but I needed to just start.

Thank you for looking,
and for any paintbrush pointers..
much appreciated.



Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

I was just thinking the other day that I need to get a little table set up to paint in the backyard. So relaxing! :) I think it is wonderful that you are learning watercolor. Your flowers look so soft and pretty. For me personally I don't like the long round brushes. I like short square ones. I feel like I have more control. Isn't it funny how everybody has different preferences regardless of what is "right?" :)

Denise said...

Thank you for dropping by with well wishes for My surgery.I love your flowers.Isn't fun to come back later to add to and play with it a little.I do that all the time.Enjoyed your post-Denise

Anonymous said...

This is an absolutely beautiful start! I've never tried watercolors, they intimidate me. I'm just starting to learn acrylics, so it may be a while before I get there. By then you'll be a master!

Jennifer Richardson said...

the beauty that sparks from your
like creative confetti,
keeps inspiring me
every time I turn around!
you are such a treasure:)
and everything you do
is beautiful.

Createology said...

Your watercolored flowers are beautiful. This being your first attempt is really good. I certainly do not know how to watercolor but I have heard (and purchasedd) the Ninji water brushes. Water, brush and control. Hmmm??? Happy Summer and sipping strawberry lemonade...

Mary said...

Kathy you did a beautiful job here!

I have finally begun getting my studio back in some kind of order. Have not painted in weeks!


jgr said...

Your flowers are lovely! I have the KOI watercolors, too and I love them! I agree with 'Creatology' the waterbrushes are very nice. Also Cheap Joe's has a good line of brushes called 'Legend Kolisnsky' they are good quality and reasonably priced.

Anonymous said...

I love these flowers, they are so pretty. I also like your painting set up it's like an invitation to create. Lovely. Wish I had some recommendations but I hope you find a brush you can love!

Jenny said...

Your painting is exquisite Kathy... beautiful softness and contrast... I have heard a lot of wonderful things about the Koi watercolors... when I started playing with watercolors recently... I bought a mop brush... have the water brush too... but I found an old brush in my collection... and I just keep going for it every time... it says '10 Roymac Achiever Taklon India on the handle... I don't even remember buying it or if it is even for watercolor... but it gives me both broad and finer detail strokes....

Jenny x

Vicki said...

Hi Kathy,
I'm just learning watercolors too.
Your first attempt is so much better than mine!
I like round tip brushes, you don't need to buy anything expensive.
The waterbrushes are good for small pieces on the go.
Joggles.com has a brush tutorial.
Strathmore.com hads a free watercolor class with Cathy Johnson. she is fantastic.
There are lots of watercolor tips on my Pinterest Art Board:http://pinterest.com/craftyladytoo/art/
Have fun!

Lynn Fisher said...

You are doing very well with watercolors Kathy. For detailed things they are the hardest I think...but for just plain having fun and fliging paint...whooo hooo! Such nfun!

Ophelia said...

Awesome!!! Seriously I am in love!

Cat said...

Beautiful watercolor Kathy!!!
You are sooooo talented! Have fun on your new adventures with the paints and paper!

JessiVille said...

Jessi xox

Taylor schapiro said...

Love your watercolor. Sensational. Keep at it.