Sunday, July 8, 2012

This Too Shall Pass...

Yesterday started out hot, sunny, relaxed, sitting outside
with morning coffee
...Ellie sunbathing in her favorite spot inside...

And then...
(please note that none of these are edited
nor changed to black and white!)...

 The sky went crazy
and the clouds made paintings,
not in color, but only in B&W

This is when I heard,
"Kath, you'd better go inside"...

And this too shall pass

~and it did
and we had a picnic with sunshine
and lemonade

and all was good.



Jennifer Richardson said...

what a fantastic storm glad you grabbed your camera
to share with those of us
feeling a bit rain-starved.
And that lemonade stand
is magic
and those STRAWS!
what a beautiful wonder:)
thanks for being the beauty
that is you,

Anonymous said...

Fantastic pictures of the before, during, and after! I love storms, and we, too, had a doozy lasting most of the day yesterday. But sadly, no pictures on my end.

Introverted Art said...

Kathy, this post was a massage to me from the universe through you. I was having the worse day, thinking about how much I hate my job and how I just wish I had the guts ti quit...and then, I read "this too shall pass...'

jgr said...

Super cute puppy and of course the storm pics are awesome! I'm glad you had a picnic and no damage.

Createology said...

Now that was a sight to see. Thank you for sharing with us that you had an exciting day and no scary flooding or tornadoes or hurricanes or Dorechos. Lemonade on a sunny day is siplicious...

Shahrul Niza said...

We had quite a bit of thunderstorm lately, even as I'm writing it is now raining. I like it cause it cools down the heat :). You took great photos of the storm clouds, amazing that it changed back to sunny :). Lovely post today :).

Cat said...

Wow, wonderful pics of the storm! The clouds twisted and turned... I hope it brought a little cool down with it. We are to get some thunder storms today and a little drop in temps. Yay.
Ellie looks so sweet in her sunspot on the couch.