Thursday, May 16, 2013


I was forced to stay home from work today.
I can't get a sound out of my vocal chords,
except for a whisper-squeak.

Even though I am somewhat of a quiet person,
I am a teacher and a lover of words,
so this isn't easy.

I'm getting teased.
And all I can do
is smile.

oh well.



Createology said...

Mr C. would be so grateful if I could only smile instead of always being my loud self. Sorry you are not feeling up to par. A nice quiet day of journaling and pampering yourself is pure bliss. Healing Hugs Dear...

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Oh Kathy! I hope you are feeling better soon! Take good care of yourself (I know you will!!)

Lots of love, hugs, & hot tea with honey.


pauline said...

Kathy, you have so many beautiful posts here, i wanted to comment on all of them. Your journaling has become so captivating and i absolutely adore your style of writing. You say a lot with very few words. love and hugs to you... xox

Mary said...

Oh dear...hope it passes quickly!


Lynn Fisher said...

Sending healing vibes....btw you have the most stunning handwriting! Lovely pages : )

Linda R said...

That would be tough not to talk. I am a talker myself.. I do hope it passes quickly. The good news is you get to stay home and journal. It looks fabulous..


Juls said...

fabulous!! Hugs Juls

Zena said...

Hope you´re feeling better now, beautiful page

missy k said...

Oh poor you that must have been miserable....

Karen x