Friday, May 3, 2013


Got through one of my worst types of day
as an educator: the formal observation.
It's me.
I have such incredible
Anticipation Anxiety.

My lesson was 50 minutes long,
on Compare & Contrast...
and I think it went well,
and once I'm three minutes into it,
I am myself again
and go with the natural flow
of doing what I have always done...

Teach little children.

We described two fiction characters,
compared & contrasted them,
and drew conclusions to answer the Essential Question:

Are they more alike, or
more different?

They both turned out to be kind, 
and caring to animals...

Even though they did different things
with different animals.

Such goodness.



Juls said...

Love your page!! Glad your formal observation went well, hugs Juls xxx

E Makes Art said...

I'm glad it went well for you! Great journal page, it has a nice flow to it.


Linda R said...

I would have much anxiety as well. So glad to hear it all went well. I love how you did the journaling on your page it looks great!

Hope you have a nice weekend.


Mary said...

Oh darlin, relax this weekend...and be kind to yourself...I cannot imagine you being anything other than a fantastic teacher!


Tracy said...

Oh, anticipation is just the worst! We let our imaginations run away with us and try to prepare for every possible eventuality. It's draining. Enjoy your weekend now it's over.

clare said...

love it. x

Anonymous said...

i know what you mean. i am sure you did just wonderful.
hugs to you my friend.

Createology said...

Anticipation anxiety is a great way to describe what I definitely experience so often...fear of the unknown. So good to hear you confirm what I would have known...that you did perfectly well. Too bad we are so harsh on ourselves and our abilities. May you have a week of wonderful days and lots of play in your journal. Bless you dear...

Introverted Art said...

Oh my Kathy! I have anticipation anxiety too... It's a horrible feeling , takes over sometimes...

Trece said...

Love this journal page! The writing around the image is inventive!!

missy k said...

great page.... glad all went well :)

Karen x