Monday, May 13, 2013

Stretching a Bit...

There's something I need to get out of my head.
About two months ago, maybe three, my doctor
called me "hyper responsible".

'Don't know if this is more toward negative or positive (!)
but it bothers me.
Kind of a lot.

Today I felt the need to s t r e t c h
and maybe just scribble


And though my journal / notebook shelf
looks truly inviting to me right now,
I don't want to look back at my life
and feel I stayed the same,
I stayed on my Shelf,
was so darned responsible
that I didn't just let loose more.

I am trying to breathe more deeply
more slowly

and sing louder
laugh more
look ahead

let go of the things I worry about
~ that usually never
happen anyway.

And I've even stopped to smell the flowers along the way
and to close my eyes

I am learning to meditate again.

Much love,


Dawn Paoletta said...

Some Doctors just don't realize the power of their words. Sounds like you are taking your power back!

Createology said...

Hyper Responsible should not be a negative. I was once told I am "Generous to a Fault". How is that possible I asked? Then it was explained that I cannot afford to give away more than I have. Well...Each of us has their own "relative" thoughts and perceptions. Yes! Let the worry subside (and I need to follow this too!) and merely enjoy each moment fully. Most importantly...stay true to yourself my friend. Blessings Dear...

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Meditation is a beautiful thing... I can't say I'm a trained professional or anything (haha) but I do love some quiet time with fresh air, where I can just sit and breathe. ♥

Lynn Fisher said...

You know, that sounded like one of those non-medical opinions doctors sometimes give...when seriously, they hardly know you. I have heard a lot of those...mostly stupid. File that under crap people say : )
You are awesome...I said so!
Lynn xxxo

Linda R said...

I agree with Lynn... You are awesome. So go color outside the lines my friend and enjoy every minute of it.


Lindsay said...

I love the pic of all your books together! And great page too... a reminder for all of us! I used to practice yoga every day and dropped it... actually I should start all over again. :) Have a wonderful weekend!

Corrine at said...

Great journals on the shelf and a real sense of freedom in your page. I can relate to feeling hyper responsible too and it is good to breathe deep and just play. xox

SAMARA said...

Seems to me, as both a counsellor AND a patient, Hyper Responsible is determined to be negative or positive by how you are feeling, not by that description. Stressed or not? Also, for me, I find my being obsessively neat has a positive side and a negative side, which I assume your "hyper responsibility" does too. I can see so many lovely things about it...dozens actually - in fact I'd love to be that way, but I also see the stress that can come with it. OK end of session lol. I love that you are doing all these wonderful things for matter who we are - that is amazingly wonderful that you are doing such great self care!!!! And I love your page and how you have metaphored the word of stretching. The pic is quite beautiful and the page you have made of it is intensely powerful. Way to go!!!! How lovely you are able to be vulnerable in your post. I love that. Authenticity...nothing better in my books! (as an artist - and a retired screwed up Therapist! lol lol lol) Lovies, Samara

missy k said...

What an odd thing to say!

Still it bought about a great journal page.... and I got to see how wonderful your journals look on your shelf and see your pretty bunting!!!

I may get my journals out of the drawer and let have their own shelf! Not that I have anywhere near as many as you!

Karen x