Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Spirit :: Journaling

Hello! I am off from work today.
Our district closed the schools
because of the sub-zero temperatures
and crazy blowing winds.

I braved the cold for just a brief moment
and realized why!

This collage made me feel warmth
and sun.
I like the light.

It is inspired, also, by the
wonderful, wonderful
I am reading...(two pages per day):

A Year of Miracles,
Daily Devotions & Reflections
Marianne Williamson.

I hope you check it out.
It speaks to me
but also puts into words
more beautifully,
the thoughts I am thinking lately.

Love to you,


beth said...

i thought of you today after making a few journal pages for the class i'm taking with misty mawn. so fun. i have missed being creative !!!

Jeanne said...

Will check out that book as i do love marianne williamson. Thanks for the heads up and i love your collage.

Createology said...

Warmth in your journaling is shining forth. Stay safe and warm dear...

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Oh this awful weather! Stop by my blog for a hint of spring Kathy! :)

And how is that beautiful baby?? ♥

Ophelia said...

We were closed for 3 days....which is why I sit in my classroom today for a make up day...sigh...
I love your page.... Hope you are doing well Kath!

Jennifer Richardson said...

I'll check out her book....going on my list:) Hope you're staying as warm as the sunny toast of your collage. Big warm hugs to you,

Kamana said...

i am going to check that book out. wishing you warmth.