Thursday, January 2, 2014

Just Do It.

Some decisions in life are difficult
so I am remembering
to take my own

Don't stumble on rocks that are behind you.

Ask for true guidance.
Take the leap of faith.


Then, don't look back.


The temperature is 6 degrees F
and dropping.

No, I don't want to go outside!
I am going to snuggle under a blanket,
watch the hockey game on TV,
and read.

(No new baby yet!)



Anonymous said...

This time last year I was unemployed because in December I took that leap of faith and quit an awesome job of ten years to move forward to what I did not know...I just knew God had other plans for me than to continue on the road I was on...and wow...I now have a wonderful job with no long commute which means more time at home with those I love doing things I love...just a bit of encouragement for you ;)

Jenny said...

Beautiful post and page Kath... and wonderful advice... snuggling sounds perfect on such a cold day... fan is blowing here lol... love that you are sketching faces.. and I just adore the expressive face in the post below... happy 2014... may it be magical...

Jenny ♥

Ophelia said...

On this day, your post truly speaks to me! Yes, take your own advice (which I love), and do it!!

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Trust, then don't look back.

Perfect words for the new year Kathy!


missy k said...

Good advice.... a snuggling day sounds good!

Karen x

missy k said...

Good advice.... a snuggling day sounds good!

Karen x

Tracy said...

Ooh, a proper winter! Enjoy your snuggly blanket as you look forward with great anticipation to the birth of your grandchild, having learned from the past and moving boldly into the future.
And I love the face in your previous post - such an unusual angle rendered beautifully with a few simple strokes. Gorgeous!

Introverted Art said...

man that baby is not in a rush ;-) She is a Capricorn and you know Capricorns, everything in its time. As our birthday approaches dear friend, I realize that time is cyclical and all encompassing. That 2014 marks the year our hearts fly a little bit more free.

Linda R said...

What a wonderful page. I LOVE the message it has. Stay warm my friend


Createology said...

A new beginning to a new year...a new journal to draw and record your days and feelings...priceless! Happy New Year Dear...

Kamana said...

sounds like a day to snuggle indoors. stay warm my friend.

Jennifer Richardson said...

Such a chilly time for a new babe;
at least the mom isn't dealing with summertime heat while she's at that big, awkward stage.
Peace to you all in the waiting,