Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Balance :: Journaling

I feel such gratitude
for the teachings
of wise people,
unexpected smiles,
and music.

Do you know the "Avett Brothers"?
I listen to their CD called 
"I and Love and You"
everyday in the car.

Love it.
What do you love to listen to?

Tomorrow is my formal observation
in my second grade classroom.
I get anticipatory anxiety
in a BIG way.
Please, think of me and send me
relaxing, positive thoughts, okay?
I just need it to be over with!

I was driving past a church I always pass
on my way home,
but today the sign outside
wasn't quite as holy as usual.
It made me laugh right out loud:

"Praying for snow?
Stop it."


Spring? Are you there?



Createology said...

Kathy Dear you will do just fine in your formal observation. I love music...all genres. Right now my favorite is Pharrell Williams singing "Happy"! It simply elevates me to a higher energy level. We are finally having some rain tonight...thankfully. I shall send Spring on to you as we have had more than our fair share this year. Good Night's Rest My Friend...

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Good morning, Sherry! Thank you!! At 8:50 a.m. today I will be doing my formal observation/evaluation lesson...on irregular past tense verbs! Ha! 45 minutes doing...and being evaluated on covering 16 core aspects of "Effective Teaching". I just want it to be done so I can stop feeling anxious. I heard on the news that you finally are getting some rain? I hope...it is 15 degrees here, but soon, soon, spring will find us. Hugs, kath

Satia said...

The past few days for us have been so out of balance and chaotic that it is good to be able to see the other side and anticipate its arrival soon. Today I may experience some normality for the first time since Saturday.

Being observed is never fun but you'll do your best and maybe there will be room for improvement and maybe not. I'm hoping it's the latter.

Kamana said...

you are still waiting for spring? hope you are enjoying a great week!

Linda R said...

Sending good and calming vibes your way my friend..


Marilyn J. Rock said...

I'm certain your evaluation went well! My son goes through same. We are awaiting Spring, too! Ugh! Inch by inch. Love your journal page. xo

Jennifer Richardson said...

haha...I so feel you;
can't even imagine how life may feel with as much snow as you've
seen this loooooooong winter.
hope the green grass find you soon.
and that your dicey days of observation are past you and that
a playful peace kept you.
I love your journal pages....you inspire me so.
thank you, friend,