Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thinking, Sketching, Journaling

After another long workday,
I came home to an empty house,
relished in the silence,
and sat with my pencils and journal.

My thoughts are peaceful



Createology said...

Peaceful lovely page. I adore how you have written on the tree trunks and limbs. The words creating interesting bark-like texture. Kathy your art is Bliss Dear...

Netty said...

Kathy your page is beautiful, love the serenity it brings. Hope one day you will join us at Paint Party Friday, so more people can see your artwork. Annette x

Marilyn J. Rock said...

Your page is SO beautiful Kathy - it leaves me in a peaceful state of beauty. xo

denthe said...

this page really expresses the peacefulness you feel. Love the contrast between the graphite and the little red hearts...

Jennifer Richardson said...

your drawing catches my breath away.....such thoughtful pools,
those eyes.
your skills are growing right
along with your beautiful heart:)