Sunday, March 16, 2014

C'mon Spring!

Feeling the crunch of coldness
and eagerly awaiting warmth.

Daylight savings time is great in the evening
but in the mornings again, ack!

Okay, I need sun on my skin.
I need to feel not cold.
I'm sick of snow.
Get it?

14 inches of snow fell last Wednesday.
Just sayin'

Happy St. Patrick's Day
to those who celebrate it!



Introverted Art said...

oh Kathy, let me send you some Florida sunshine. We have had 75 degrees of sun, cool breeze.

and I am right three with you on the daylight savings thing :P

Satia said...

Definitely "enough already." I live in Georgia where we are already seeing signs of spring but then today it is raining and colder (not cold enough for snow so I ought not complain) and I just want it to stop already. I'm ready for the warmth to come and stay.

Marilyn J. Rock said...

We're all sick of it, too, here. We're at a snail's pace for Spring temperatures. I love your hopeful art here! Beautiful! xo

Linda R said...

Hoping spring shows up soon for you! Your page looks awesome my friend!


Mary said...

Yeah, I hear you, though we have not had the severe weather you have had. It's raining and cold here again...Bassets and rain don't mix well...they don't mind it, especially if they have the scent of a they come in soaked!

Createology said...

This too shall pass my friend. Sunshine Smiles and Some Chillaxin for you dear...

Ophelia said...

I totally get it....sigh...totally!

missy k said...

I got it! Loud and clear ;)

Lovely page Kathy.

Karen x

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I feel for you! I am a Southern gal and definitely could not handle snow and cold. Of course, we have the extreme here where it is way too hot most of the year. But for now we are enjoying mild temperatures. Sending warm wishes your way, Tammy

DancingMooney ♥ said...

I hope the cold breaks it's spell soon Kathy! I can't even imagine what this winter must have been like for you! Spring, Spring, Spring!!!!! And lots of warm sunshine! ♥

Linda said...

Here in Montreal we are due to get 15 centimeters of snow tomorrow and then it is to get very cold on Sunday. I fully comprehend. You have a really nice blog.