Tuesday, November 18, 2014

An Unexpected Snow Day!

A surprise morning off brings out
the art journal
the creative juices
the loong coffee breaks
and the joy of a grateful heart.

I doodled roses with a fine point black Sharpie pen
and had so much fun playing with watercolors.

What a wonderful gift today is!



Juls said...

I love window seats ... Love the gorgeous postal colours of this card :-) xx

Cat said...

Beautiful rose! I love ink drawings with light watercolors. Yay on the day off with artistic playtime!

Createology said...

Now this is a wonderful snow day of play. Indoors safe and warm and making art in your beautiful journaling style. Creative Bliss Dear...

Jeanne said...

There is nothing better than a grateful heart and those snow days are such a wonderful gift. Love your shots, and so glad that you had the gift of this day!

iHanna said...

The roses are lovely, and your happiness contagious.