Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More Snow Day Journaling

This is a collage and some writing inspired by a lot of soulful reading.

...and it's being posted on my ipad instead of the usual PC, so my apologies if it is off center.  I haven't mastered as much technology as I should have perhaps.

Peace and love to you,


Createology said...

Kathy dear you are way ahead of me with your iPad. I got one for my birthday and have yet to learn how to post a photo from it into a blog post. So happy you are able to work on your art. Sharing Joy...

Tracy said...

You guys are really taking a hammering with the weather! Hope you are all tucked up and cosy. You're obviously getting some reading and beautiful journalling done. Enjoy!

Bevie Sams said...

I pray all are well and you get some relief soon...I love your beautiful page...blessings

Cat said...

Omg the East has been hammered with snow! I hope all is well for you. Stay warm and keep creating!

Jennifer Richardson said...

your pages call out
that you're mastering the muchness
of life and
can we, any of us, hope for more:)
You love so well, friend.
always inspired by you,

Ophelia Staton said...

I just absolutely love!! Hope your school year is going well.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I stopped by to visit
and realized I'd read the post
but the words
"where there is love
there are miracles"
jumped out at me.
Thanks for that sweet stir.
Much love (and miracles:))