Sunday, November 16, 2014

Opening My Heart

Sometimes I get stuck.
Do you?

My sensitive nature can't get past a hurt,
even though I have forgiven...

...and I seek to release it.

Making space for the light, the peace,
and opening up,
to lessen my anxiety.

Journaling helps!



Nancy said...

I think we all get stuck at one time or another over a hurt that refuses to go away…I like you use my journaling to help me get beyond it….Your pages are so pretty; love the colors….

Jennifer Richardson said...

I so understand what it is
to be a super sensitive soul,
Kathy.....sometimes it's hard
to feel so much so deeply.
I love that about you, by the way:)
Sweet peace to you in the
simply being who you were born
to be,

Createology said...

I am one who wears my heart on my sleeve and am way too sensitive. Maybe I should try journaling as your pages are always so calming to view. Blessings Dear...Let the Light and Peace come flowing in.

Juls said...

Beautiful page :-) xx

beth said...

i know that feeling as i often can't get past something that has hurt me….

so know you are not alone!

i just love your pages so much and am jealous how you journal and that you make it a priority in your life…..xo