Sunday, March 15, 2015

I am a part of nature

 ...but I think maybe I think too much.

 ...or at least more
than the pretty spring flowers do.

Take a breath...
it's still snowing!



Jennifer Richardson said...

I hope today finds you soaking up some warm sunshine and seeing little sprigs of real green
pushing up through the wet snowy ground. Soon, friend, soon:)
love the way you pour your heart out on paper,

Createology said...

I will trade you warm sunshine for your snow and raise you some rain too. California is drying up and only has water for one more year we are being told. I'm getting a little desperate here...
Thanks for visiting dear.

Satia said...

Oh I love this. I feel this way sometimes. Both rooted with a desire to be uprooted and sometimes adrift and wishing for some stability. I'm complicated. :)

Linda R said...

A beautiful page my friend. Hoping you get lots of sunshine soon..


Kamana said...

spring flowers and snow... i am definitely going to have to come over. :)