Saturday, March 7, 2015

it's just me...

 Admittedly, this is THE longest I have ever
 been away from my blog
AND my art journal.

I have been very distracted
unable to focus
worked way too much
felt blue
traveled a bit.

It feels SO good to be back.

I am remembering how I love to live
with creativity
and my art journaling which is my
best form of self care.

Thank you
being you,



Nancy said...

You've been missed but glad you are back....This is a beautiful journal page. I agree, journaling is great self care....

Createology said...

Oh how it is SOOO GOOD to be home. I too was gone to the frozen states and missed my friends and blogging. Welcome back to your beautiful art dear...

Satia said...

I have moments like that where I lose touch with where I am because I feel burned out or am distracted with other things. Coming back feels like coming home, coming back to myself.

Cat said...

You're back and making art! Soothing soft colors on your page. :)

Linda R said...

It happens to the best of us my friend. I always love seeing you journal pages. This one looks fabulous.


Lynn Richards said...

Hope your journaling brings you peace.