Monday, March 23, 2015

In my Journal...a collage

Collage in my art journal.

I realized how badly I felt,
physically and emotionally,
mostly brought on
by my (perceived and real)
stress and anxiety...
so...I am starting with a clean slate.

I am Ready.
Ready to think positive thoughts
Ready to only say positive things
Ready to see the best in myself and in others
Ready to let go
Ready to keep the light of love inside,
no matter what the outside sends...
and it will send it,
so I am Ready.

Peace and love to you,


Linda R said...

Such a up-lifting post. And your page looks wonderful my friend.


Ophelia Staton said...

I have missed you! Hope everything is going well. Love your work!!

Cat said...

Great! Monday morning I posted on fb "think happy thoughts". Our attitude has so much control over us!! Thanks for posting your beautiful page!

Mary said...

Fresh beginnings...again...we need these sign posts!!!

Much love, grace, and ready set go!!!