Saturday, December 4, 2010


Not only do I have to work on finding balance in yoga (!) but I must rediscover balance in my life. I have been busier than I like, with no down-time. I want to relax and enjoy this beautiful season. I want to see daylight, not just on I still work. To be healthy enough to work hard is a blessing, but I still need quiet repose. Balance.

Overnight, we got more snow.

I love when it covers each branch with a soft, white blanket.

Beautiful morning.


Jennifer Richardson said...

Such quiet peaceful white
...I love your photos.
Thanks for sharing.
Here's to balance!

laundrygirl said...

Cheers to a peaceful weekend!

Erin Wallace said...

Bakance is so important and finding it can make all of the difference. Here's to finding that perfect place.

Nancy said...

Ah, those pictures are beautiful and so peaceful....Just feel like you go hide under the limbs and make snow angels....would't that be fun.......

Yes, balance is something we all strive for and I think it is a life long's something that's always on the radar and needing attention......kinda like exercise and good food......

Hugs and blessings my friend

Ophelia said...

what a great post....I just love snow! We got a bit today too!

Lancerika said...

The desire to seek Balance
is the first step to achieving it.
It's part of life's journey.

We got some flurries today,
maybe not Buffalo snow,but
still very pretty:)

P.S. There is a Moody Blues
album from 1970 titled:
"A question of Balance"

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your snow with us Kathy!
♥ The holidays just don't feel the same, without snow...