Thursday, December 9, 2010

Little Happy People

My sweeter than sweet friend, Kathy, surprised me with these after our Yoga class!
I love love love anything gingerbread, and these are the cutest little guys ever! ♥

Gets me in the mood to bake and decorate!
Have you started baking yet?


laundrygirl said...

I remember decorating gingerbread men in elementary school. Ahh, that was a good day.

Nancy said...

They look so yummy......No I haven't started baking yet but it's coming soon.....Are you enjoying your yoga classes?

Anonymous said...

they look too cute to eat :)

Mary said...

I love seeing Christmas cookies!! I seem to always run out of time and don't get any baked. Maybe this year!!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet treat! I haven't started baking yet, but I am hoping to find the time! ♥

lori vliegen said...

is it wrong to fall inl love with a gingerbread man?!!! these little guys are so cute, especially with m&m buttons (you gotta love a guy who wears chocolate so well!!)! so glad you took some time for yourself the other day....hope you have more opportunities to do that this season!! xox, :))))

Lancerika said...

Love these little happy
gingerbread people:)
they would be so adorable
for decorating the tree!
Happy Holidays and sweet baking,
sweet friend:)