Friday, December 3, 2010

Hi! I'm still alive!

Hello friends!

Thanks for waiting for me.

You know what it's like to be crazy-busy. I haven't had free time, and I just haven't been around when it's been light out to take photos, but I did see amazing sunrises and sunsets. Here's my Friday evening gift from the skies, and my gift to you!

Oh, and I went to my first Yoga class last night with two close friends.

I loved it! And, I only fell over once!


Marilyn said...

Yes it is a busy time of the year everywhere. This sunset is glorious.

curious girl (lisa) said...

yay beautiful yogi!

Jennifer Richardson said...

thanks for sharing this gift
....a sunset!
I've missed those.
Happy hopefully less busy weekend,

Nancy said...

You have been missed but this is such a hectic time of the year.....Love the picture of the sunset; scenes like this help to settle the spirit down.....

I am glad you enjoyed your yoga's always better with friends......

Hugs and blessings

laundrygirl said...

It's a beautiful sunset indeed!
Happy Friday!

Lancerika said...

Love your delicate
Sunset colours,
So happy you
started yoga!
Wish you a
peaceful w'end:)
LoVe, Erika

Ophelia said...

Your photo is gorgeous!!! Take care of yourself and thanks for sharing it!!

Anonymous said...

i love this photo. and i am not a fan of yoga, but i just joined a new gym and maybe i will end up taking a yoga class myself. who knows!

Cat said...

Yes, crazy busy, always!

Beautiful sky photo!!! What a gift!

I home you enjoy your yoga, I've never tried yoga, loved ballet though in my younger years.

Have a blessed day!

beth said...

this is beautiful and looks like a postcard !!!