Sunday, December 19, 2010


It's December 19th. Already. I am trying to not feel the way I do. Really. I wanted the peacefulness to be the only thing to overwhelm me.

Oh well, there's still a few days left to get it together. At least I'm trying and I'm praying and I'm grateful for the moments I do succeed with.

This was just a quick scribble, but even this I smeared. I missed my journal so much, that I figured that doing a quick entry was better than not doing one at all today. Again.


Christine said...

I think it's awesome that you did. I want to journal more too, but don't. Your page is beautiful.
I hope peace will overwhelm you :-)
merry xmas .·* xo

Createology said...

Your journal is a great reminder that you can be creative even in this season of overwhelm. May you take a deep breath and enjoy the magic of this holiday season. I have adopted "not everything needs to get done". Happy Holly Jolly Joy to you my dear...

Nancy said...

Girlfriend, you will get it all done...all the things you really need to.....I am glad you took a few minutes to's important to take time for ourselves and our mental health even if we do have alot to do.....

Merry Christmas special gal.....

Jennifer Richardson said...

I wonder if it ever gets
done enough for us women!
We put ourselves through
so much strain around the holidays.
Even when it's happy stress.
Peace be the journey,
dear one.
I totally get what you're saying
and I'm right there with you.
Merry Christmas love and hugs,

Lancerika said...

We are sending you a
ton of *Peace* from the
mountains!try a little doing
what feels really comfy
in the moment,keep it simple,
(people do way too much!)
and the magic of the Season
will be with you!
LoVe you!
*Simply having a wonderful Christmas time*
(one of our favourite Christmas song
by Paul McCartney)

Erin Butson said...

I am totally with you Kathy. Praying for peace for you and me both. Good for you for taking a little time to journal, time to do yoga, time to care for yourself. Your blog is so inspiring, positive. Your gratitude for living in each moment shines through and reminds me to do the same. Peace to you this season. xxxooo erin

Ophelia said...

I just love your always, you touch my heart..
Many blessings!