Monday, January 17, 2011

Here's to 50!

Surprise! Wow, was I ever surprised!

My family: me, brother Mike, Nephew Jimmy, Mom in front, Sister-in-law Suzy, Brother Jim!


A surprise art board with my very favorite friends and artists: EriKa, Lori, and Danita! Wow! They made me special cards and greetings! I was so touched, that after I got over the shock, I cried. (And, you all knew about all of this before me!!)

The whole beginning of the party was a slide show of my whole life in photos, even from when I was a baby and a little girl, all the way through! Wow. I realized (as we all were tearing up) that my life of 50 years, so far, has been rich and full. No sad now about turning 50, and no regrets!

My kids! Drew, me, Mia/Michelle and her fiance, Kevin!

The Girls!

Childhood friends!

Longtime friends, neighbors, and yoga partners: Ashley and Kathy with me.♥

Michelle and my mother-in-law made such amazing cupcakes!! 50! ♥ I LOVE this!

My friend and neighbor, Kath, with me!

My family of 4, blowing out the candles with Aunt Sue.

My garage!

Wow! Thank you for showing me again what love I have in my life.


Mary said...

Kathy sending a bouquet of birthday wishes your way!!

The party looked fabulous!

laundrygirl said...

Happy Birthday! That party looked fabulous! Cheers to you!

Marilyn said...

Congratulations and happy birthday. What wonderful family and friends you have.

Anonymous said...

Kathy! My picture was supposed to be on that board too, but somehow Mia and I didn't connect in time. So glad it still surprised you on my blog though today, yay! ♥

Looks like you had a fantastic party and I love those cupcakes, ladies you did such a great job!! :)

beth said...

happy happy birthday to youuuuuuuuu........

and please tell me i'm not the only who thinks you look more like thirty than fifty....seriously, you have a such a baby face !!!

how lucky are you ?
and then all those friends and family to celebrate with you.....WOW !!!
what a day to remember !!!

lori vliegen said...

happy 30-20, sweet girl!! it looks like you had a wonderful celebration! what a beautiful family you have! and speaking of beautiful, hello gorgeous! if you're 50......oops, i mean sure do hide it well! happiness to you go celebrate and eat another one of those cupcakes!
xox, :)))

PaperPumpkin said...

♥I do love the 30-20 thing, lori!♥
Thank you everyone! ~Kathy

Lancerika said...

so happy to see your 30-20
Radiant face with the ones you love!!!
beautiful friend!!
Merci for sharing your Happiness
and those delicious cupcakes with all of us!
LoVe you:))I'm crying a little.....
Erika( and Lance loves you too)

Jennifer Richardson said...

LOVE and blessings galore, Kathy!
You are radiant, birthday princess
....may the celebration continue for
days and days still!!!!!

Nancy said...

Happy birthday and tons of blessings I send to you sweet certainly don't look fifty more like 30.......what wonderful family and friends you looked so happy glad for you ......

Many hugs

curious girl (lisa) said...

happy happy HAPPY!!! what a beautiful life you have. this makes me smile from ear to ear. you deserve all this love and more!!!

taylor said...

Glad you had a great birthday and wow 50 cupcakes. I only got one which I felt I had to share with the kids. We are almost birthday twins and the same age- well you are a day older than me! Hope your week is going well.

thekathrynwheel said...

Happy happy birthday!! Looks like you had a fabulous time :-)