Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back from Boston!

Yep, we went away for a long weekend and went to the Boston's House of Blues to listen to Adele sing live!!! It was a very beautiful, very moving experience. If you love her music, you would love it even more after being with her for the evening. Her music is so personal, she sometimes wells up...Her voice is an instrument.

So even though Boston was very cold and rainy most of the weekend, I enjoyed myself thoroughly and was even pleased that I got on a plane! It's been a while.  Such a beautiful city...such history...such good pasta in the Old North End! ♥


Rebecca Anthony said...

Oh my gosh, I bet she was absolutely amazing!! She is so talented and you're right, she has such a gift as her voice is an instrument, it's incredible!
Boston is where I am from, I also went to Art School there, thanks for sharing the photos, it really brought me back!

Createology said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend get away. Good music, good food and time spent together. Sometimes I like mini getaways far more than long vacations. Our weather is extremely cold and rainy. We even had a few inches of snow on Sunday. Love your photos...

beth said...

adele....live ?
i am sooooo jealous !!!
what a great weekend get away !

Anonymous said...

Oh i am soooo jealous!!! adele live ... AND boston. how wonderful!

Sesenarts said...

What a beautiful place to spend time away. On my wish list now!

Jennifer Richardson said...

soooo good to get away
and just be somewhere
other than where you
usually are!
Love the change of perspective.
Glad you got to sit by a
real songbird
and soak up some musical peace:)

Anonymous said...

Boston looks lovely! So glad you had a wonderful vacation Kathy! ♥

Lance said...

So AwEsOme!
HopE it was a
dreamy vacation!

laundrygirl said...

Sounds like an incredible time! I have always wanted to go to Boston. Adele sounds like she was amazing. I must have been beyond words to hear that voice of hers live!