Monday, May 9, 2011


I've been thinking a lot lately....
...I may have this new journal be my "Compassion" Journal.

Since people close to me tell me
that I am rather hard on myself,
I thought that maybe I was introduced
to this Compassion For One's Self
idea for a reason.

What do you think? Are you loving and kind to yourself?


Anonymous said...

that is a great idea. something i need to be too ... kind ot myself. i am just too hard on me. or so i am told!

Createology said...

Compassion is a wonderful idea for a journal. I think it is easier said than done...especially for many women. I am definitely too hard on myself and need to remember there is no perfect! This is a great reminder for us to be more loving and kinder to ourselves. Thank you Kath for sharing...

Lesley said...

A lovely page and lovely thoughts.

It is such a hard thing to be kind and comassionate to one's self and takes years of practice.

I try to practice every day but it is often very hard.

All you can do is try...

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love the idea of a compassion journal!
I'm far more gentle and kind
with everyone else
than I am with myself.
The journal would help.
Stellar idea, Kath!

Anonymous said...

Kathy I think you show yourself compassion more than you think... self love, to me is self compassion...

Every time you do something special for yourself, including the active things like walking... are showing acts of self love. ♥

Lancerika said...

Totally agree with DancingMooney beautiful words above!
Enjoy this weekend by doing all the little things that make you
HAPPY! Enjoy your unique and wonderful self...

Christine said...

I love your title. Wonderful that you give something back to yourself. (to answer your question - yes, mostly. Not always)
Thank you for the reminder :-)