Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Summer Dreamin'

My mind and body respond so positively to the warmth and light of summer...well, one has to wonder
why I don't live in a warmer, sunnier climate...

Anyway, I have to laugh (have to), as I went to take my Ellie outside last night, I put on my black winter coat, scarf, and boots...and realized that it's MAY!  It's May, people, and it's COLD out!  What?

Hey, we may not get spring afterall this year, but summer's going to come. 
And I'll relax and play and create and feel the sun on my face.
I can't wait.


Createology said...

Yes celebrate sun on your face in your wonderful journal pages. We finally have sunshine and Spring and beautiful blue skies. However, now we have intense pollen and allergies...good news is I know it won't last too long. Marvelous May to you and I wish you sunshine.

Laura said...

WOW this page is stunning, hope the sun shines soon xxx

beth said...

you know these could have been my words, uggs are still looking at me....and my winter coats are not put away yet !!

Boonie S said...

It may get warmer…. If it’s any consolation to you it’s scorching hot over here. You’d probably hate it…..

Have a good weekend, Boonie

Anonymous said...

We moved here to get away from the cold, but alas it is still here as well... Last year we were having January weather in June, and I'm assuming it may happen again this year too... but you are right... summer will come. It will. I believe. :)