Sunday, January 8, 2012

Moments. Journaling.

So far, the short time we have been in 2012 has
proven to be a super charged space of extremes.
Very UP and very DOWN.
Very Positive. Yes, and Negative.
Always interesting.

{I wrote in dark brown at the bottom, then felt the need
 to write some more. I used white to write on the top.
I like the white better.}

Take today for instance.
I have to go to a wake. A friend and colleague
just lost her father.
Today is Michael's and my
29th wedding anniversary.

May your ups be many.
May your downs be slight.
May you appreciate the wild ride
and grow.



Sesenarts said...

Happy Anniversary! 2011 did seem to be a big year for many people with what seemed to be extreme ups and downs. It almost seemed to be the Universes way of trying to balance itself! And this year I feel is going to be more of the same. So hang n tight everybody! We are in for a ride.
And I love your page too. :-) Julie

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Happy Anniversary Kathy!! ♥

Hope your day ends full of joy, and less of sadness. ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! my day yesterday started on a high note but ended really low. today, as i wake up i am hoping that the day turns out to be just right.

Nancy said...

I love "appreciate the wild ride and grow"....that is an awesome comment that I am going to write down and keep in front of my journal......Because you know we all have ups and downs and it's what we do with them that matters.....You go girl...I hope your week is full of "ups"....

Hugs sweet girl,

Createology said...

Happy Anniversary Dear. Blessings to your friend. Years ago I had to go to a funeral and a wedding in the same day and came home to my kitty deathly ill and code blue. Yes life is a roller coaster...yet that is why we are strong and flexible. Love your pages!

Linda R. said...

Another great page.. Every time I stop in here and see your pages I think about how I need to find some time to work in my journal.. Thanks for the inspiration. Your pages are great!!

Hugs, Linda

Juls said...

gorgeous!! Love the soft colours of this page! Hugs Juls

Lesley Edmonds said...

A lovely journal page Kathy :)
Wishing you more ups than downs in your journey this year too...and....Happy Anniversary!!

beth said...

happy anniversary !!!

love your journal pages as always....
also, did you know that mary beth shaw is a good friend of mine....YEP....we go way back now about 6-7 years. she's a doll and you would love her.
plus she teaches at valley ridge which is where i've taken all my's about an hour and 15 minutes from here.