Tuesday, January 3, 2012

so much I want to do

My Word for the New year is Clarity.
I have a lot of work to do.

I must get healthy, and stay healthy for more than 4 hours this year.
After a ten-day Christmas vacation from teaching in school, my doctor actually made me stay home today...and tomorrow. Well, we'll see about tomorrow. I haven't thrown in the towel yet.  C'mon, new antibiotics, kick in. My ears and sinuses have been infected since mid-November.

I have to visualize:  physical health-with-creatively happy.
And GET there.
Eating better,
exercising again,
drinking way more water,
taking care of myself the way I would others.
Praying more.

I need Clarity.

I need organization of body and mind....

oh, and clearly some more aquas.

•thanks for stopping by today. I was feeling rather lonely and yuk.  ~k


Jennifer Richardson said...

soooooo sorry for the low days you've been having; I understand the frustration of battling frequent illness/chronic infection, etc. I struggle with the same thing and if I'm not aggressive against the temptation,
it can take me down into really being unkind to myself ABOUT myself.

Somehow I want to kick myself when I'm down....to shame and shove myself harder
like a slavedriver.

Not kind. Not gentle. Not accepting.
Not at all compassionate
and understanding.
Or helpful.

I'm learning to be gentle and kind
with my tender parts.....the weakest parts of me.

So hard for me not to despise them.
I think that may be why they stay so unwell.

I'm cheering for us both, that we learn to
be kind and supportive and compassionate
with our weakest, unloveliest parts:)
I see so much beauty in you
and I cheer and celebrate! I guess we have to learn to do that for ourselves, as well.
Love and healing hugs,

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Oh Kathy! I love your tape drawer, how fun! :D

You are right, Clarity is a great word for the new year... Last year I tried Focus, but I found myself scrambling more than anything... that chasing my own tail kind of feeling... Simplicity, that's another wonderful one. Less is more. It takes time to get used to at first, but decluttering in all kinds of ways, I have found so rewarding... Bless you Kathy! Hope you are feeling better soon! ♥

Anonymous said...

i had such high hopes for 2012, but almost from the moment it kicked in, i have been wallowing in some kind of gloom that doesnt want to go away. so sorry to hear things have not been too good for you either. here's to hoping that we both kick this yuck feeling in its ass and smile our way into a better tomorrow.

laundrygirl said...

OOooh such pretty tapes! I am sending well wishes your way. It's a drag to feel unhealthy. I like your word for the year; I almost chose that for myself. It's either clarity or progression.
Hang in there!

Juls said...

hope you will be feeling better soon. Hugs Juls

Createology said...

Kathy Dear I know exactly how you feel because I am still sick with this whole upper respiratory/ear and sinus infection yuck! However we both have the power to get beyond this...it will not keep us down! Clarity and Play is stronger than not feeling well. Please don't be hard on yourself. A nice warm shower and sipping a cup of tea with honey will help you feel better. Healing Hugs for you dear...

Nancy said...

I am so sorry that you are not feeling well...I will pray this mess will leave you and that you will be full of energy and joy.....Sometimes, God just wants us to be still and to listen and I think those are the hardest things in the world to do.....

I like your word for this year, Clarity.....It's one we could all dwell on for sometime......

Thank you so much for your sweet comments you left for me today...You will never know how much they mean to me......

Please take care of yourself, be gentle with yourself and stay in the moment.....I am glad you are my friend......

Lesley Edmonds said...

Oh Kathy - don't feel lonely!!! We're here :)

Thank you for sharing your hopes and dreams for this coming year. I shall add your wish for good health to my prayer journal my friend.

Don't go back to work until you feel better!!!!!

I empathise with you about sinuses!!


Lancerika said...

You will get better soon...
is all part of the Holiday
Party BLueS:))and chilly
Sending u a ton of
Get well wishes***

Kristin said...

Is that your supply of tapes???!! I LOVE it - and am so jealous! ;) LOOKS scrumptious!!! xoxoxo

Cat said...

...and laughing about more aquas. Love your sense of humor and and ability to still pull off a smile even in the low times. Love you. Breathe deep.