Friday, January 13, 2012

Unfinished Work

I am not sure where this journal page spread is going

...or if it's ready for writing

 but I smiled when I realized
that as I was dabbing white over the bright colors,
to blur the edges and soften it all a bit,
it reminded me of...well, me.

You see, my birthday is coming,
and it makes me think how some of my edges have softened
(Yes, I still need to lose that same 8 pounds).

And some of my edges need to be softened...
but we probably don't need to get into that right now!

Either way, I hope I am unfinished, too.

Happy weekend!


laundrygirl said...

Happy Friday!
When is your birthday?

Lesley Edmonds said...

The colours and composition on these pages is wonderful Kathy...and we're all's part of the journey :)

Anonymous said...

when is your birthday? i like that thought... that we are all unfinished works... always room for growth and improvement.

Linda R. said...

What a wonderful post. And you pages look amazing.. Hope when your birthday get here it is amazing..

Hugs, Linda