Sunday, August 26, 2012

August Fiesta!

This centerpiece had to be inside, because of the bees.
Below, Grama Z and the birthday girl, my daughter, Mia♥

Below, Mia and Kevin:

Cousin Janice made these awesome Asparagus Appetizers:

Below, Michael, me, and my brother Jim "Hime":

 We had fun hanging our Poms in the tent outside!

Mia got these gorgeous flowers as a birthday gift:

Happy Birthday! Make a wish!

~Last party of the summer over here.

I could make a very, very long list
of things I am grateful for this summer...
Actually, you know me, I might yet (!),
but I am so blessed
to have such wonderful family & friends.

And this summer I had my health.

A summer to remember.

I wish you all many joys and blessings,
mainly those of: good health,
the love of family & friends,
and the time to pause and feel the power of these blessings.

Much love,


Mary said...

fun, fun, fun!!
beautiful celebration!
Birthday wishes to your lovely daughter Mia!

Linda R said...

These are such happy and sweet photos, Your daughter is so pretty. I am sure she had a wonderful birthday. As you said Family and health are things to cherish..


laundrygirl said...

Looks like such a good time! Everything is so beautiful and you look cute standing there with Michael and your brother! Yes - your daughter is beautiful - just like you!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter Kath... the fiesta looks amazing... love the color and the photos... your words are always so heartfelt and inspiring... and I love... the time to pause and feel the power of these blessings... so true... planning on doing that right now...

Jenny x

Introverted Art said...

PartY, partY!!!!!!!!! Wow, the decor is amazing and colorful. Love it!

Jennifer Richardson said...

you are so beautiful, Kathy.
so glad you had your health tell the secret soon.
and your fiesta was gorgeous
and now i want a cupcake:)
i'm grateful for this past summer
and now i want to make a list!
thanks for the stir,

Shahrul Niza said...

beautiful party!!. Gorgeous decorations and lovely family & friends around :). Ahh the cakes are so delightful :).

jgr said...

I love your decorations!! It looks like you all had a wonderful time.

Zena said...

Such a beautiful celebration, glad you have a wonderful day and a great summer

Cat said...

What fun and what beautiful pictures! Love the family photos!! Happy (late) Birthday to Mia!!

Mia said...

I like these pictures, good job mom ♥