Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just me

I'm always a little sad when July ends. Okay, more than a little. I'm cheering myself up with the fact that tonight is the Full Moon and I love that. Tomorrow is my sweet little dog, Ellie's, 3rd birthday. Lots of good things come in August, that's true...but oh, were always my favorite.



DancingMooney ♥ said...

I am feeling the same way Kathy! I know that we still have several weeks of nice weather left, but I can't help but know that summer is coming to it's end each year when August arrives. bitter sweet. ♥

Mary said...

Though summer is my least favorite time of year...I am a fall lover...I do feel this one went by so very fast.

We are heading to the beach for a week on Sat. I like going at the end of summer, it's not quite so busy.

Jenny said...

Isn't it funny with different seasons happening in different parts of the world Kathy... that as you move away from the warmth... we move away from the cold... this winter has been soooo cold... and I find myself thinking happy thoughts of warmer times to come... happy birthday to Ellie...

Jenny x

Introverted Art said...

I don't know why this year I am happy to see July go and be a little closer to the fall season. It has been so hot in South Florida... when I walk out, it is just this all of heat, no wind, no respite. Just hot and humid.

Anonymous said...

august is a good mnth... my birthday comes at the end ;)

Nora CG said...

I love July because is my birthday month, but not much in the town I grew up, because it's one of the hottest months there. Love your relax picture!

Have a great day!

Jennifer Richardson said...

loving those turquoise toes!
that pic makes sumertime
feel all the sweeter
and longer
to me (thank you for that!)