Thursday, August 23, 2012


Inspired by July's travels to San Francisco,
and all of the great graffiti and art murals
throughout the city...

Shapes and colors...

It was sooo good for me to get away, to travel across the country
and discover....

Close-ups of journaling with photos from my travels. Above, city art mural.

Below, a favorite sign in Haight Ashbury:

Where did you go this year?
Where do you wish to go?!

"I ain't lost, just wandering..."



Jennifer Richardson said...

gahhhhh, I LOVE this!
oh Kathy, those graphic signs
and symbols talk so sweet
to my soul:)
and that quote.
and your words.
it's all so so so delicious.
thanks for being just exactly
who you are,

Juls said...

fab pages, love the retro feel to it! Hugs Juls

Introverted Art said...

Wow Kathy, you have been on a mission. Beautiful, colorful pages, full of meaning and emotion.

DancingMooney ♥ said...

We've done a lot of local things this summer but I haven't gone anywhere this year, and I have to say my summer feels incomplete. Maybe I can squeeze something in before the weather changes! So glad you got a chance to reconnect this summer Kathy! ♥

Shahrul Niza said...

I didn't get to go anywhere this year..except 'within' my heart :). Finding who I am and what makes me happy :). LOVELY graffiti pages, I would love to see more of this freeing art on your page. They are so colorful & happy!. Hugs.

denthe said...

LOVE all those different shades of blues and greens, and the simplicity of the page. Great work!

Taylor schapiro said...

Love these pages. The blues are really nice together. Know what you mean about talking all day. I figured out I'm exhausted all day because it's like you are on stage for 7 hours straight. Have a good week.