Friday, August 3, 2012

Feel the Heat

Hotter and more humid
ground cracking from drought
I can't remember a tougher six weeks of summer weather

Wondering if there will be a rainy day

but still a good summer
simply because it is summer



Cat said...

Yes this year will go down in the record books as HOT HOT HOT! Hang in there!

We just got back from our Alaska trip - it was so refreshingly - cooler and fresher. Back now to the 90's though...

~Barb~ said...

I remember not having A/C in any of our schools...none...through my entire school years. Can't imagine that being possible these days.

Summers are definitely getting hotter, for sure.

Peace & Love,

Jenny said...

Hope you get some relief from the heat soon Kathy... the summers certainly do feel like they are hotter now... another great journal page...

Jenny x

Jennifer Richardson said...

i love that you're embracing
even when it has a bad temper:)
love you dear, Kathy,

Linda R said...

So glad to hear you are still enjoying your summer. We have a couple of clouds in the sky. But I am thinking the rain is done for the summer here in Vegas. I am hoping I am wrong.. Great Journal page..

Shahrul Niza said...

Kathy, this one is so stunning!!. Gorgeous scenery. I always love being on the water and that boat makes it so romantic. So much peace.