Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hello. Welcome to My Morning:: Journaling

 Just stop for a moment. 
 Feel the light in the space between.




Mary said...

Good, good morning sweet friend!

Introverted Art said...

what a beautiful page...

missy k said...

Totally beautiful! I love the delicate colours

Karen x

Dawn Paoletta said...

green and purple bliss! love all and that print in the background.

Jenny said...

Seeing your beautiful page Kathy is the perfect start to my Sunday morning... love the doodles and flowers... and pretty background too.. and yes... for the reminder to stop and breathe... just did that too x

Jenny ♥

Zena said...

Good morning and Happy Sunday. What a wonderful page...

Jennifer Richardson said...

that is sooooo beautiful
and i love how your words
remind me of john denver
who i loved and sang and
really wanted to wear those glasses
but had painfully good eyesight
and never got the specs until now
when i'd rather not:)
love you, Kathy,

Createology said...

Very Zen peaceful my dear. Love it!

missy k said...

Hooray I've caught up!

Karen xxxx