Sunday, April 28, 2013

Light and Energy:: Journaling

I can't expect something different
if I don't at least try to do
some things differently.

I need to walk more,
 lift more, eat more veggies,
and take care of my spirit.

Create some art!

Have a great new week!



Yvonne Wallace said...


My sentiments exactly......I hear ya!!

Juls said...

Great page!! Love the colours hugs Juls xxx

denthe said...

Very well said! And lovely colours on your page .... Have a wonderful week .... :-)

Createology said...

Light, Energy, Spirit is exactly what this page has. Beautifully done dear...

Introverted Art said...

As I sit here on my couch and contemplate about getting water, but am then reminded every muscle on my body aches, because I worked out yesterday... I have to say you are amazing! I had a serious conversation with my mom yesterday and said exactly that:take care of your spirit, do something different, don't give up.

Linda R said...

Such a perfect page my friend. Love the light.


Mila said...

A beautiful page, some good intentions I also owe me raise the urgently. A greeting from Spain

SAMARA said...

Oh gosh... :( this could be me too! I love your art. It is stunning. the colors, the dimensions, the sun shines SOOOOO brightly. What the heck is it with us that we can so easily be slugs? lol Your creativity lacks "nothing!!!!!" Lovies, Samara

missy k said...

I do too!!!

I'm trying!

Such a pretty page.

Karen x