Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Know I Need To...

...simplify. And it's even more apparent to me when I am home on breaks.

When every space is full, my mind is also cluttered.

I made a list of things to do this necessities and piles to go through...yeah.
On Tuesday, when I woke up so early and had a long day to fill, we went into the city to revisit a favorite spot, The Lake Effect Diner. I will greet my new diet and health program only after I enjoy macaroni and cheese.

After this, we crossed the street to go to a wonderful little city bookstore. I got lost...and came home with another art book.


Createology said...

Simplify and comfort great is that for our souls. I should take cues from you and go through some "piles" and edit and simplify. I do know I would feel better and be more productive after the fact. :o)
Love your journal page. Happy journaling...

Anonymous said...

I have been working on a LOT of simplifying lately, and I'm loving it. ♥


Lesley said...

I love this. When my boys were small my head so so full of things to do I always had lists on the go - these days life is a little more sedate - thankfully haha!
Great Page.
(There's always room for macaroni and cheese!)

Ophelia said...

Such a great post...and I love your journal page! Seems you are enjoying your time!

Jennifer Richardson said...

I'm starting my new "diet" March 1,
too....gathering and deleting all
my chocolate first.
Giving me quite a buzz.
So long chocolate month....

Anonymous said...

i am decluttering tomorrow. i usually do a big decluttering project once a month, and it always feels so good when i am done.