Saturday, February 12, 2011

Making Fun of...

...because in a perfect world maybe I'd be neat enough to be able to find things in my PaperPumpkin room.
I should be celebrating right now because I located this stamp that I carved last summer,
after losing it all winter. yay.

Making fun of this magestic little dog that I dearly love because how did she manage to balance this chew stick in her cheek so she didn't have to put it down to be nosy out the window??!!

She's chip off the old block, I say. (If she doesn't set it down, she won't lose it!!!!)

oh brother.


Ansota said...

Lovely stamp! And what a beautiful doggy! She is so lovable isn't she? Just look at those loving eyes! and she most certainly has a very gracious pose and attitude about her :)
Thank you so much for the beautiful comments and the visits to my blog. I so appreciate them.
Have a lovely day! :)

Ophelia said...

Such a great post!!! I really love your page with the stamp!!! what a cutie too!!!

curious girl (lisa) said...

such an uber-talented love pup! i love her too!

Anonymous said...

i really wish we could sit down somewhere and chat. and i would love to be sitting in your classroom watching you with your troop of kids. i am so glad you are back in your element in the classroom... and not questioning your role there. hugs.

Mary said...

I remember this stamp...glad you found it!

sometimes the things our pets do just crack me up!!

Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Lancerika said...

A post to make us smile:)
funny how you found the
"lost" stamp and Ellie posing
with her chew stick...
hope your valentines
at school and home
were sweet:)

Juls said...

gorgeous!!!! Love how you have done all the journaling in white!!!! Hugs Juls