Saturday, February 19, 2011

In Vacation Mode...

I haven't been around too much this week because of parent-teacher conferences, but now I am finished and getting into the groove of vacation!
Yes, I have all of next week off.
I hear play bells ringing.

Though the stamps on the right are my own handcarved, the gorgeous one on the left is from
ro bruhn. I love it.
Spring peeked in the other day.
The snow melted in 55 degree, 45 mph wind gusts and the sun shone so brightly I almost fooled myself into thinking spring could really stay this early.
I looked out when I could, didn't wear a coat and 2 sweaters, and kept my classroom window open all day and evening during conferences for the freshness.
This morning, we woke up to an inch of blustery snow.
All is white, but at least it's clean again!
I know that snow will blow for 2 more months, but this 36 hours or so was a sweet reminder of what can sometimes be.
Did you catch a glimpse of last night's full moon in all its glory?
Hope so...{sigh}.
Happy Saturday, friends!


Anonymous said...

2 more months? seriously?!

love full moons. so romantic.

enjoy your play time :)

Ophelia said...

Enjoy your fabulous day!!!
When you get a sec...will you send me your mailing address :)

Martha Lever said...

I love that little hand carved f yours.
In my sketch journal it used a Prang watercolor set. It is a very in expensive set and actually does the trick for the sketch book. Have a great weekend, Kath!!! oxox

Martha Lever said...

Hey Kath,
above--that was suppose to be--> hand-carved stamp of yours. I love it. It's so cute.

laundrygirl said...

Happy Weekend and CHEERS to a great week off!

Jennifer Richardson said...

LOOOOOVE the purple page with your hand
made stamp. I'm really loving the colors
you're using these days!
Glad you got to enjoy winter's intermission
just a bit.
It seems to be completely in remission
here.....been wearing T shirts and capris and sweating while I trim more rose bushes than I can count. The early warming shoved us out of
our hybernation at least 4 weeks early.
Feeling like a grumpy bear but also drunk on sunshine and fresh air. Too early to be sporting a tan but I am!!!
Enjoy the fresh gentle white a while longer.
You'll be digging summer while I'm sweltering:)

Createology said...

Do enjoy every moment of your Play Days Kathy. I did see the full moon shining brightly on our fresh falling snow. No Spring here. Happy journaling in your beautiful happy pages you create...

Erin Butson said...

Kathy, Wahoo! Congratulations! 14 back to back? And you're not in a comma? you deserve every single second of vacation! soak it in, I know you will. Ours are still 3 weeks away and I always get so nervous & worked up about them and they always fine and I always wonderwhat I got all crazy about, so I'm really trying not to. I just need to rewire something in my brain... so jealous of you right now! And so thankful for those magical light bulb moments. All of that hard work and training since August does start to pay off and it can be magical.:) Can't wait to hear about your down time & I love your stamp.

Lancerika said...

Soon...ooh...soon Spring
will be here deer *K*,so glad you
enjoyed a mini~ Spring preview time
and wish you a relaxing,playful
week off! have FuN with colours!
the full moon was magical...

thekathrynwheel said...

I love that hand carved stamp of yours :-) Hope you are enjoying your break from school. It's half term here too (a week off!) but no sign of spring here - had more snow yesterday :-(
Enjoy your hols! x

Nancy said...

I hope you have a wonderful vacation and can create to your heart's content..........I love your stamp on that purple......gorgeous.......

Hopefully it won't be too much longer before Spring...we are all so ready....


Kolleen said...

enjoy your vacation and create create create!!!!

sending love and blankets of warmth!


Juls said...

fab!!!! Loving the mix of colours!!!! Hugs Juls