Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh Wintertime Sunshine...and Giveaway!

All is instantly better when the darkness and gray of this cold, cold winter give way
to Mr. Sun for the day. Ahhhhhhh
And, followers, please remember to leave a comment on last weekend's post to win a thank you Valentine Present! Tonight's the drawing!! ~♥~ I'm so excited!


curious girl (lisa) said...

i love your rainbow-clad snowman! he makes me happy.

Butterfly Works said...

Beautiful pictures.....we love the sunshine don't we...just makes us feel better......We are really going to appreciate Spring when it does get here.....

Stay warm.....

Jennifer Richardson said...

Oh yes to
sunshine and blue sky:)
Your snow is so white and fluffy
and gentle looking.
Not spiteful like the ice
we've had.
Snow is nice:)

Createology said...

Oh how correct you are my dear about the sunshine. Even though the temperature is quite cold all feels better with the sun shining brightly. I even get more done in the sunshine as I feel alive. Happy February Sunshine and Hearts...

Mary said...

snow is beautiful when the sun is shining on it isn't it. i am always amazed at how blinding bright it can sometimes be.

enjoy the sun!

Lancerika said...

Your snowy pics are
inviting!love the table setting,
the shimmering icicle,
and the adorable Gnome:)
wish you lots of sunny days!