Sunday, April 17, 2011


Last page of this journal! Many many pages of feelings and thoughts since last September.
I guess it has followed me ( and led me) through this school year.

I'd like to think I was full of hope
and it will get better
and better.
Lots in store for my family and me this summer
for sure!
A wedding, a graduation...
and another surprise...coming soon!

Thanks for following. You make my day.


Cat said...

The Journal; the daily companion. Great ending... leaving the story open for the next chapter!

Sesenarts said...

What a beautiful journal. I;m following you so I can come back and have a better look at the rest!

Mary said...

What a feeling to have a journal completed...
it becomes such a treasure and keeper of a part of our journey. I love going back and reading my older journals. Do you have a new journal ready to go??

A surprise coming??? Can't wait to hear.

Blessings to you my blogging friend.

beth said...

ohhhhh.....another surprise ?
you big tease :)

Lancerika said...

Now you got us all wondering:
What could be next?
Life is good to you,firefly friend!
a new page...full of mystery...
Wish you beautiful,happy,sunny days!